Tucker Sno-Cat

Tucker Sno-Cat used on the British Trans-Antarctic Expedition

The Tucker Sno-Cat was designed to travel over deep snow, with the pontoons exerting
only half a psi of pressure on the snow. Forward motion was provided by scoops which
ran around the pontoons.

This tiny model of a Sno-Cat is not to scale, it was a quick representation to add to
a snow scene being made by our church model club for their summer kids activity week.

Balsa Wood Core

The model has a core whittled out of balsa wood. No drawings, just a vague idea of
what it should look like. A representation, nothing more.

Dayglo Covering

Rather than try to paint the Sno-Cat, I decided to cover it with pieces cut from
Daygo coloured card.

Part Assembled

The model part assembled. The squares on the cutting mat are 1 cm, and the ruler
background is six inches long. The scalpel blade is safely parked in its sheath.

Finished Model
The final model stood on cotton-wool 'snow'. Bit of a 'quick and dirty' job, nothing
like a scale model, but it should convey the idea of a Sno-Cat to the kids.

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