LC Meter

LC Meter kit assembled

The LC Meter is made from an Electronics-DIY kit comprising circuit board, components, pre-programmed
PIC and two rows by sixteen characters dot matrix LCD display. The kit included sideways facing
L/C switch and calibrate button. These are replaced by a front panel switch and button.

Back of Front Panel

The display and measuring board are mounted on the front panel with the L/C switch and the calibrate button
alongside. Wiring is kept short to minimise stray capacitance and inductance.

Meter Assembled into case

The front panel contains the display, the unknown capacitor or inductor connection terminals, the switch
to select capacitance or inductance measurement, and the calibrate button.

How to Use

Short leads with alligator clips to permit easy connection to small components. At switch-on the meter self-
calibrates and it is important to have the L/C switch set to C and to have nothing connected. The meter
should calibrate to read 0.0pF. Then either measure a capacitor or switch to L and measure an inductor.

Frequent calibration is recommended. Each time the switch must be set to C and the terminals left open circuit.

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