Radio Frequency Counter

Assembling the Kit

The radio frequency counter is based on a kit containing a PIC microcontroller, which counts its own crystal
oscillator to chop time into 100ms chunks, during which it counts the input signal, and outputs the
result to the LCD display. The display contains two Hitachi chips which accept the frequency count
digits and present them on the dot-matrix LCD.

Parts Ready for Final Assembly

The counter will be fitted in an instrument case, display to front and battery holder, switch and input
socket on rear panel. The circuit board plugs onto the back of the display.

Front Panel Complete

Work proceeds apace, with the rectangular hole for the display cut, using a cardboard template. There is
no bezel on the display to hide cutting errors, so it was spine-chilling work. The counter board complete with
PIC plugs on the back of the display board.

The back panel will be easier, just three items to mount, then the internal wiring can be added.

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