DDS Signal Generator

DDS Signal Generator

This is a low cost DDS signal generator, panel mount, so it will need fitting into a case.
Review by Jack Ganssle
Received and tested, working fine with good sine wave to 5 MHz and good square wave up to 600kHz.
As Jack reports, offset capability is limited and the square wave jitters at higher frequencies.
Overall a very pleasing instrument for the price, with good solid construction and professional feel.
Thanks, Jack!

The unit requires a supply voltage between 9V and 40V and came with its own 12V mains adapter. I decided to
provide a choice of mains or battery operation. A single 9V battery would have been marginal so I used two
9V PP3 batteries in series. The current drain is 55mA, permitting 5 hours use on one set of batteries.
When the mains supply is plugged in the switched socket automatically disconnects the batteries.

Front View

The unit is recessed into the case front panel and mounted on a sheet of aluminium held on spacers behind the panel.

Rear View

The rear of the case carries two battery boxes, the on/off switch and the mains adaptor connector.

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