Billy the Bug

Line Following Robot Kit

This is the Chinese kit advertised for only six pounds, so how could I not buy it?

Chassis Assembly

The circuit board has been 'stuffed' with electronic components ready for soldering.
Also seen are motors, wheels, battery box and optical components.
The instructions are in perfect Chinese. The really important bits are printed in red,
and the really, really important bits are printed in red and underlined.
They supply a test track and suggest other layouts that can be made with black tape.

Drawing of Carapace Frame

Frames, Side Skirts and Top Spine

There are four frames, A, B, C and D, which are linked by the side skirts and spine to
form the centre body. Other small balsa pieces will form the head and the two tails.

Assembly in Progress

The side skirts were pinned to the assembly jig and the frames glued on
one at a time. An engineer's T-square was used to ensure that each was vertical.

Frame Mounted on Chassis

The parts went together like a dream and the resulting assembly
fits the chassis perfectly. The on/off switch is accessible.

Covering Balsa Frame with Tissue Paper

The balsa wood frame was covered with tissue paper, one cell at a time.
When complete, the carapace was sprayed with water to make the tissue
shrink and become taut.

Billy the Bug

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