LiPo Speaker

TDA7052 Amplifier Kit

The TDA 7052 is a very useful audio amplfier with a bridge providing 1W output from a single low voltage supply.
Kit by Quasar

Assembling the Kit

Kitchen table assembly work is in progress.

View of interior

The upper card is the TDA7052 kit.
The lower card, copper side up, holds the switch, led and charger socket.
At left is the 3.5mm audio input socket and at right is the 3.7V 240mAh LiPo.
Stereo is mixed to mono by two resistors.

Front View

The front of the unit is very compact, little more than the speaker in size.

Rear View

The rear panel holds the indicator led, on/off switch, the charging socket and the 3.5mm input socket.
The unit is charged from a usb LiPo charger which was supplied with the battery.

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