Airship R34

Airship R34 on her Record-Breaking Flight over the Atlantic

We're approaching the hundredth anniversary of the record-breaking flight by airship R34 across the Atlantic,
to New York and back, in 1919, so now is the time to start on a giant 3ft long model in balsa wood and tissue paper.

Pics of Airship R34

I did a net search, and asked the guys on PPRuNe for information.
Here are some of the books, photos and drawings.

To make a structure three feet long and only a few inches diameter requires a bit of thought.
I had to design it so that it could be built up piece by piece whilst maintaining the correct
shape and sufficient rigidity, and providing hard points to support ancilliaries.

Alas I got the centre section designed but could not provide suitable mounts for nose and tail.

Having a rethink.....

Did a redesign, but the dimensions, three feet long by five inches diameter are too daunting,
Decided to abandon.

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